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Do I need hearing aids

In an effort to demystify the process of having a hearing test and being fitted for hearing aids, we are going to tell the story of James. James is a young man who came to us for a hearing test after a work place screening test indicated he had hearing loss.



Twenty year old James is a fit, healthy man who has been working on building sites for the last five years. He had been aware he had a hearing loss for some time and so took the opportunity to come in for a free hearing test to find out what has been going on. He reported that he had difficulty following conversations involving more than two people and difficulty hearing in noisy situations. He also said that he often found he got things wrong in a conversation.


In the sound booth

James had a full assessment and hearing test in the sound-proof booth at our Hillmorton clinic with our Audiometrist, Martin. A variety of tests were performed on James and these tests indicated he had no loss in his left ear but his right ear had very little hearing. Martin said a unilateral loss is unusual and more so at his young age.


Checking the ears

The next step for James is to visit an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to check if there is any underlying cause for his hearing loss. Once this has been done, James will come back to our clinic to discuss the possibility of fitting a hearing aid.











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