Being independently owned, Hearing Technology is an authorised supplier of the world’s leading brands of hearing aids.

Our range of hearing aids includes the smallest aids available, which sit completely within the ear canal, through to behind-the-ear models, including the latest instant fit RITE models, which do not require custom-made ear moulds. When choosing a hearing aid style, some of the key things to consider are:

Hearing Aid Styles and Cosmetics​

Limitations based on the degree of your loss – we will guide you and advise the options that are available for you.

Dexterity – there are a range of options including remote controls to help you manipulate the sounds to your liking and environment.

Cosmetics – some prefer the aid is not seen, others are more concerned with functionality – whatever is most important to you is what is important to us.

Other factors like cerumen (ear wax) build up, moisture issues etc.

Whatever your need or budget, Hearing Technology is happy to provide free advice on which aid meets your needs in terms of hearing loss, budget and cosmetic style.

Call us toll free on 0800 142 132 for assistance, or to arrange for an appointment.​​

Hearing Technology Logo
Hearing Technology Logo

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